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What do you think about the last episode of Mob Psycho 100?

| The final Battle was so epic! What do you think guys?

| It was alright, could've done a bit more but I give it a solid 8

| Reigen never got Mob that takoyaki he promised...

| I'm glad it's over. The first season was fucking terrible.

| >>547671
Lol, you're rigth xD

| Giant broccoli
That's all I have to say

| Good show.

| I like it! A part of me is a bit upset that everyone ends up being friends anyway and everything is fine, but the other part is yelling at it to shut the fuck up Mob deserves a happy ending and the show deserves a good conclusion that drives its messages home.

So it's good!

| ive really enjoyed mp100 and the 2nd season was fucking amazin! i was waiting for it for two years and it totally met all of my expectations! and the final is soo well i love it
thanks bones mobu saiko hyakku is incredible

| It strange to watch this anime. I can feel all the mob's sorrow, sometimes I found myself helpless and useless just like him. But I don't have the power or friend like him. So that make me feel even worse.

| Good stuff

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This thread is permanently archived