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Vento Aureo Opinions

| Thoughts? Haven't discussed it with anyone yet.
Can I start by saying I'm disappointed it's not called Vento Aureo, but instead it's titled in Japanese. Ougon no Kaze. It'll always be Vento Aureo to me.

Anyway, I'm loving this season. To me part 4 was alright, but Giorno's my second favorite next Jonathan.

| Well, yeah. Vento aureo is good part of jjba, but, I think, it's kinda complicated to all parts. It's look like that part is really starting to take away jjba from that last jjba. No more simple evil, no more STRONG (physically) characters. It's a good start to something new, that'll make the new jjba universe (I'm talking about Steel Ball Run and Jojolion. Best parts imho)

| Yeah, SBR run is definitely my favorite, if not 2nd favorite. I have yet to read JoJolion, waiting to binge it all. SBR ran for 7 years, been about 7 years since JJL started. Is it about over?

| Vento aureo is pretty awesome, but the change of pacing and style compared to the previous parts makes it feel off at first

| I like the fact that it has a lot of murders :3
And main villain so hot <3

| Seriously, I envy those who haven't read the manga and not seen the boss, because I want to relive it again.

| My least favourite part on account of Giorno

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This thread is permanently archived