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Should I watch Kill la kill

| give me 1 good reason, I'm curious.

| Nonon is good

| Do you like gainax?
Do you like trigger?
Do you like craziness?
do you like epicness?
do you like cartoon logic?
do you like cool female characters?
Do you like cool theme songs?
Do you like human nudity that makes sense and it's essential to the plot?
do you like wacky humor?

if you said "yes" to one of these then the reason why you should watch it is because you said yes

| Fast paced, kinda to a spastic degree. Lots of T&A, very thought out and detailed T&A, like proper anatomy and musculature half the time.

>>271d95 knows what he's talking about.

| Yes

| Yes

| Definitely

| Absolutely fucking yes, i rate it 9.4/10

| Yeysysyssyeysyesyeysyeysyeyeysyeyey

| Don't watch it. It's the best anime ever.

| Don't forget Darling in the Franxx once you're done.
Same pattern as Kill la Kill pretty much, but with sexy mechas

| >>544627 I don't see a lot of overlap between the two shows, personally.

| >>544627 both have some hot ecchi, but other than that I don't see much in common

| Yes watch it op.its awesome

| I'd never end up watching anime if I never saw it back in the day.

| Absolutely

| >>544627 basically all modern trigger animus have same pattern.

| go watch it if you love Gainax level of high energy anime

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This thread is permanently archived