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Give your favorite chill manga/anime

| I'll start: Maou-jou de oyasumi

| Acchi kocchi


| >>543432

Anyway, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, Yotsuba, Flying Witch, Yuru Camp, Aria

| Hidamari Sketch is super chill and super good

| There was a manga I read that was about an android who runs a coffee shop in a post apocalyptic world, but I've forgotten the name. ;w;

| >>543473
It's Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, mentioned here >>543433

| Sketchbook Full Colors is the chillest there is. It's literally about nothing.

| Shimeji Simulation is basically a chill nonsense and I love it for that.

| Is mushishi chill?

| Mushishi and Kino no Tabi

| Watamote. Love is War for a newer one. I used to like Azumanga Daioh when I was in middle school.

| >>543654
Im not sure if Kino no tabi is chill but it's definitely my favorite my anime. Wish the LNs were translated

| Neon genesis evangelion, cowboy bebop and ghost in the shell i guess. I mean, i do not have favorite but those are who makes me think a lot about them actually.

| >>25b24f not chill but works, i think

| >>543879
That's so far from chill dude

| >>3e0514 indeed

| Tanaka is always listless

| Or no actually barakamon

| Hyouka

Even the mysteries they solve are chill

| Tanaka-kun and Barakamon are really nice

| Mayoiga

| >>544175 hyouka was great, now I wanna watch it again

| >>544176
Tanaka-kun turned my friends into weebs. Great anime

| Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel

| >>546995 we don't have the same definition of chill

| Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou is very chill and cute

| Bonnouji

| Gakkou gurashi is pretty cute and chill OwO

| Memories of/Wandering Emanon and Kabo no Isaki are beautiful manga.

| Puella Madoka Magika. Beeeeeest for chill

| >>543518 you are alpha af

| (sorry)

| Ichigo Mashimaro

| New game, that moe apocalypse one, the one where the girl moves to an inn and has to work, tanaka is listless. Tgise are the ones I watch tonchill, still didn't finish any of them. One day i may start Sakura quest. Also veto for shirobako finished it. Good stuff

| give Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star a try, they have a lot of chill

| >>547261 This and Horimiya

| Haibane Renmei

| Okay it may not be chill but if you have a blunt or you're drunk off your ass then watch ghost stories dub lol it's disturbingly funny...if you like that stuff wwwwww

| Hey guys, can you recommend me something like kabo no isaki, planetes, yokohama kaidashi kikou, omoide emanon, wandering emanon?

| Flcl first season, I've not watched the last two season yet

| >>547929 that is such an adhd romp it is the opposite of chill
The ost is chill as fuck tho

| Hazuki Kanon wa Amakunai

| Freezing!

| >>547982

| Aria, Mushishi, Kino no Tabi, Haibane Renmei, Sora No Woto

| >>25b24f lol I dont think they're chill at all, but you can watch the first half and a bit of cowboy bebop and samurai champloo and it can be pretty chill tho

But my top chill anime are Yuru camp and Non Non Biyori

| Yuru Camp deserves a second season... And Place further than the universe too. And dragon maid. JUST GIVE ME MORE OF MY FAVORITE CUTIES

| Try Natsume yuujinchou and bartender

| Bartender

| thanks to this thread for refreshing my list

| Basically every kyoto ani show about girls.

| Dont remember what it's called in weeb tongue, but I remember one week friends being pretty chill

| >>548442 idk whats wrong with me but every episode made me cry

| Spice and Wolf.

| Mushishi and Samurai Champloo just feels chill for me idk. Ik SC doesn't feel chill but it just gives me chill vibes

| Komi san wa komyushou desu
Violet Evergarden
Letter Bee
Isekai Shokudou
Isekai Izakaya "Nobu"
Kids on the slope

And the most chill one
Tanaka is listless

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