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The last anime you've seen

| What was that about? Did you loved it?



| i have small dick wkwkwkwkwkwkw

| Seishun buta yarou. I only like the first 3 episodes. Never explained who shoko was so I was disappointed. 5/10

| >>543227
Movie coming out about here

| Also I just watched the first episode of the forgotten neverland and holy shit

| I just finished marathoning Pop Team Epic.
Watching Girls Last Tour to defrag my brain.

| >>481127
Oh shit for real? Guess I have to wait until 20whatever. Not confident that they can explain her existence and give a good conclusion to the story in just one movie though.

| The Persona 4 anime. I'm getting into Shin Megami Tensei as a series, and I finished watching a playthrough of Persona 4 Golden on youtube. I decided to check out the anime since I heard the Protagonist is hilarious. Was not dissapointed.

| >>543690
You should emulate Persona 3 on psp. I like 3 and 5 more than 4, but I still love 4

| madoka trilogy

| Konosuba like more than 2 months ago

| A really good one is Dead Leaves; it's the sort of thing you could slam a Jolt Cola to.

| Just found out that kill la kill has 25th episode and decided to rewatch it, and it's still lit af.

| Angelic Layer

| >>543690
I sure hope you watch it dubbed. Johnny Yong Bosch is excellent excellent excellent

| Mob

| >>543697 Shall do, and thanks!

>>543859 That is exactly what I'm doing. Can't agree more on the excellent.

| Persona 4

| Death parade

| Shokugeki no Soma. It's my show before bed. It's like a 5/10 but it's like a shonen show and that isn't my genre so for others it's probably higher

| Planet With

I highly recommend it

| Steins;Gate and S;G 0 and I just want to watch it again for the first time :'(

| Jojo part 5.

| I've been watching jojo part 5 with a friend as it comes out. Other than that I think the last anime I watched was Katanagatari like a year and a half ago.

| Jojo part 5
And I think that by now I should have known that airplanes = trouble

| Lain

| Black clover

| Kaguya Sama. Had a big smile on my face for the whole last episode.
>>546469 I know that feel. Did you play the VNs and know about the side material? https://allaboutsteinsgate.info

| The last anime i've seen was Mob Psycho 100...By the way, the final episode is today!!!

| Last anime I finished was Ergo Proxy, which reminded me of Jill the whole time.
All I've been watching now is just Vento Aureo

| Yesterday I was marathoning the bes anime of all time

| ゴースト イン ザ シェル for sure

| >>547481 OMG me too! Watching it on Google+

| Kimagure Orange Road, to get back some nostalgia from when I was little and full of wonder

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