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How do you clean anime figures?

| And no, it's not because I came all over them.

I don't have a big collection, only 4, so I have no glass case for them, so they have gotten really dusty, but idk how I should clean them...wipe them with a cloth? Rinse them underwater? I don't want to ruin them

| The cloth or a cotton swab should do fine, but I'm no expert, just came to say you just came.

| I don't own any but if it's just dust you could probably use one of those compressed air cans

| >>e7841e I have no idea what your talking about

| >didn't come all over them


| Take a bath with them

| There's your problem. The cum is what you use to clean them. They're getting dusty because they aren't getting any use.

| Makeup brush

| >>542653 same i use make up brushes as well, works like a charm

| >>542632 it's the spray that people use to clean PC.

Honestly, it is effective to blow away dust bunnies and thick dust layers. But it doesn't do a great job cleaning thin dust layers. If you want it to be shiny, then you have to wipe them.

| >>542733 in that case, air can + dry microfiber cloth maybe

| >>542755 sounds like you just doubled the work. Might as well just the cloth, then. The spray/canned air is intended to clean hard to reach electronics parts or some parts that might break if you arw not careful wiping it.

| >>542759 not like it's a lot of work in the first place.
Thought was if they're really Dusty then the air will remove enough dust to not need not more than one cloth

| >>542767 OH, just re-read the first post, sorry. So it's only 4 figurines and it is reqlly dusty. Ok, this gurl>>e7841e is right.

| >>e09628 and>>e7841e have confusing IDs.
I believe some anime figurines don't hold up to water very well. Keep them dry.

| >>18a306 yea, that's what I was afraid of

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This thread is permanently archived