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Yuri Light Novels

| Plenty of Manga and Visual Novels that are yuri and they are great. But I like reading novels more than those. Any yuri light novels to recommend? Basicly anything other than the classic nothing goes anywhere like YuruYuri.

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I could recommend a neat Yuri fanfic, it has somewhere around 13 or so chapters, really liked it
Called "Can you feel my heart"
Check it out if you wanna

| What they're surpassing hand holding and have aquored stands?!

| read Twixt. sarah diemer

| /u/'s /lit/ general has amazing books in there. There is even a huge chart that recommends books to you depending on which genres you like the most.
I spent countless summer nights reading sweet fluffy yuri stories till the sun showed up and I went to a comfy sleep.

PS: Am a 30 years old big manly metalhead, but girly yuri is my secret guilty pleasure.

| >>536199 you are a good. Thank you


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This thread is permanently archived