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Can someone please recomend me good anime from this year?

| I'm pissed.Nothing to watch(

| The Promised Neverland

| Kaguya-sama

| Mob psycho

| Spec ops magical girl asuka

| Love Is War and Index III are solid. Through on Manaria Friends and Domestic Girlfriend if you're willing to trade plot for ecchi

| >>535161 Any /u/ with gay girls and sweet delicious sugary yuri?

| >>535248 i mean manaria ought to fill that gap

| Kaguya-sama is the first show to actuallu make me laugh out loud in years. Its writing is phenominal!

| >>535388 seconding that

| Mob Psycho 100; definitely one of the best animes of all time, after episodes 5 and 7

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This thread is permanently archived