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Recommend me some good manga

| Any genre works

| Oyasumi punpun and gunnm.

| Dead dead demon's dededede destruction

Spirit circle

| onani master kurosawa. I just finished it and it was great. I agree with punpun and dead dead demons dedededestruction

| Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji.
If that title alone doesn't make you interested I don't know what does

| Armitage the Third. It's Cyberpunk and very influenced by Blade Runner.

| Black Jack
The Rose of Versailles
Oniisama e...
Kaze to Ki no Uta
Innocent and Innocent Rouge
The Heart of Thomas
A Cruel God Reigns
Anatolia Story
Alpine Rose
Majo no Shinzou
Candy Candy
Monster - (I haven't read this one, but I heard that's really good and is a different take on Astro Boy)
Cardcaptor Sakura

| kissxsiss

| No, not that one. It's another one of those incest ecchi manga that involve underage characters.

| The way of the house husband

| ^ good shit

| >>8f3443 another similar manga in it's style of humor I'd recommend is Hinamatsuri

| Berserk

| Any of Kaoru Mori's works, such as Victorian Romance Emma, A Bride's Story and Shirley/Shirley Madison are also top quality manga.

| >>532898
Pluto is the one thats a different take on Astro Boy, (specifically the World's Strongest arc)
Monster is another one of the dudes series though and both are worth reading

| Anything by Tsutomu Nihei is worth reading if you like cyberpunk, though his older stuff can be a bit hard to get into
Knights of Sidonia and Aposimz (his two most recent series) are probably the best ones to start with, though I believe Blame is generally considered to be his best work

| Agree with Punpun and Umineko.
Ichigo Mashimaro
Sekai Oni

| >>0e0657 you said it in a way like its a blight or something>and they aren't underage

| Dorohedoro
20th Century Boys

| Banana Bread no Pudding's another little gem by Ooshima Yumiko. Asumiko Nakamura's oneshots are also recommendable.

Yokohoma Kaidashi Kiko is a 90s science fiction manga about a robot running a coffee shop some time after Earth went through some catostrophic event that significantly impacted the ecology. Despite this change, the remaining humans accept this and peacefully live their lives.

| Pani poni dash

| Parasyte
It's like The Thing but with more action and a different setting.

| Kengan asura

| >>533888
Seconded, Kengan Asura is amazing

| JoJo

| The entirety of JoJo
Even if you watched the adaptation, still read it

| I personally enjoyed Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:re. Yeah, it's kinda fucked up edgy manga, but it has it's own good points.

One punch man is pretty good. "It's just a fucking fight spirit". Quality of drawing is amazing

Also Ajin! Second season of anime is completly fucked up, manga is so much better!

| >>533888 kengan asura is the best fighting Manga with by far the best tournament arc I've ever seen in this kind on manga

| i like video girl ai. the anime ova is also pretty good, but i haven't watched the latest live action series. i'm not really into romance-centered series, but this one is great. but yota, the protagonist can be a bit too creepy sometimes. everyone agrees the manga is superior to the ova but in the manga you can't get that sweet japanese 90s glitch VHS aesthetics.

| >>532765 yo same reading thru onani master kurosawa was a good time

I recommend 8/10

If yall want a tldr its basically a dude who gets blackmailed into cumming on girls shit after he gets caught

| >>534313 Hey, thanks for posting that. It's really good!

My counter-recommendation doesn't live up to the same standards but it's close enough to warrant a mention. It's Aruite Ippo!! and it's finished with a proper and sweet ending.

| i'm glad you liked it, anon. i'll check oout yours too!

| I really liked "The boy who cried wolf tells a lie today also"

| read my fav manga "Goodnight PunPun", or otherwise known as "Oyasumi PunPun"!

| Short Cuts (Cyberpunk parody from the 90s)
Sekitou Elergy (Very good character development for its genre)
Yuu & Mi (Comedy ecchi from early 90s)
Sketchbook (Comfy manga about literally nothing)
Hatarakanai Futari (Literally about nothing 2: Electric Bogaloo)

| Definitely vouching Kengan Asura. Shit is fire.
Holyland (not as high-octane as Kengan but it's still fun
Ouroboros (FUCKIN FIRE if detective noir shit is your thing)
Darwin's Game (A little generic on the trope side but it's better than waiting for Btooom to finish)
Jiraishin (same sort as Ouroboros)
Aku no Kyouten (this shit is a WILD ride)

| - Seiketsu no Hagurama
- No Guns Life
- Donyatsu
- Bartender
- Freezing
- Monster
- Vagabond
- Gakkou Gurashi
- Dungeon Meshi
- Isekai Goumon Hime (Fremd Tortuchen)
- Mousou Telepathy
- Genshiken
- The Private Report on my Lesbian Experience with Loneliness
- Literally anything made by Asano Inio

~awry line pumps

| Kengan Ashura

| Bungou stray dogs

| Inio Asano have good stuff

| Berserk, Oyasumi Punpun, JoJo Steel Ball Run (but read the previous six parts or watch the previous five seasons and read Stone Ocean, after Steel Ball Run) and Tokyo Ghoul (:re it's median, but ok.)

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