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current season

| Haven't watched a single airing show this season, anything worthwhile?

| Shield hero is pretty good, kaguya-sama is hilarious, and the cat one is pretty damn adorable!

| https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TmY8NG5t-lQ

There’s this. That should help

| All I know is I'm watching JJBA and it's good. That's about it

| kaguya

| Yeah, Kaguya. Also I've heard good things about promised wonderland, but since it's not a comedy I will wait until season complete

| Thanks for the suggestions g/u/rls, Kaguya and the comfy cat show were fun!

| Kotobuki squad
Watch it now

| Watch JoJo no Kimyou Na Bouken Vento Aureo.
It's good trust me esè.

| Dororo is good

| I watch wataten for mood booster

| The new chicken run is pretty cool

| >>529534
what's the comfy cat show?

| >>530071

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This thread is permanently archived