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I'm going to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion

| Should I settle for the dubbed or the subbed?

Want to focus on Asuka but might not be able to do it if I keep looking for the subtitles.

On the other hand, I want to go all out weeb and listen to them shout in Japanese.

| You are not ready for stuff like NGE if you still think about watching dubbed anime

| Oh. I thought it was like a meme "Today I'm going to watch some X". Op is a giant fag for watching dubbed anime, by the way

| From what I heard the dub is very good as they go

| Prepare for orange juice

| >dubbed

How disgusting

| Subbed obviously

| correct answer is subbed, and you'll be missing out on the point of the show if ur only there for anime tiddies lmao

just make sure to watch end of evangelion after you binge the series

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This thread is permanently archived