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How to not get a hardon when hugging gf or even just holding her hands

| Why the fuck my pp hard over hand holding

| I thought i was in /u/ not /a/ my bad.

| looool, never held the hand of a girl

| Gurls don't have crotch appendages... And there's no male's on the internet.

If you're getting that wet, I suggest a bunch of tampons and duct tape.

| Social interaction?
Das sum ancient tradition fam

| >>527893
You know very little about girls. We don't tolerate no-girlknowledge scrubs around here. Come back when you learn a thing or two.

| Just hide your boner with your gf's mouth.

| I get a hard on when a random girl asks for help. Can't be helped. Just try not to poke anyone with it.

| Girl dick best dick

| Use your belt to hold your boner. That's what I did in gradeschooler when I had to go up to the board.

| >>527929
imagine sticking a dry ass tampon up ur cooch for no reason and having to rip it out dry

| >>527929 duct tape is great for exfoliating the vag and other areas... If she sticks like 10 tampons s in every one of her holes, she'll get hard from the pressure

| >>add663 that makes me harder

| Tfw got a hard on while hugging a grieving girl.

| >>527986 try hiding your gf's boner in your mouth

| Dump your gf and get a bf.

| >>528558
My mouth is already full with your gf's boner.

| >>528801 Weak. Only able to fit one dicc in your mouth. Shape up.

| >>528836 Virgin. Haven't seen the gigantic gurl dick.

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This thread is permanently archived