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zombieland saga

| So I loved the first two episodes of Zombieland Saga with all the comedy and excellent use of non-standard idol scenes.

The third and fourth episodes with the bad CG and more standard idol plotlines disappointed me.

Were the first two episodes a bait-and-switch? Is it basically a normal idol show from here on out? Is it worth me continuing to watch if I liked the first two episodes primarily for the wackiness and weird musical scenes?

| I couldn't stand the constantly yelling manager, I just wanted to see him get punched right in the face and the shenanigans the "girls" go through are so ridiculous and not even funny

Besides the fact they get no interaction other than with each other and the walking megaphone of a manager is also tiring

Plus who would fuck a zombie? Only necros

That anime is completely unbearable

Rant complete, +100 EXP

| >>526734 it is definitely not a standard idol show lol

| >>526745

I hope you drop the soap

| >>526745 you are not welcome here

| >>526745 The manager is best girl. There must be something wrong with you.

| Tfw we all took the bait

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This thread is permanently archived