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Suffering Magical Girls

| Any recommendations other than the overly obvious Medaka? I live to inject this genre into my veins

| Sorry mate, only got suffering alien hunter schoolgirls with alien frog hats.

| >>526664 woo what a classic

| >>526764 It was like 2 AM, and I said "Hey, what if I look through the alphabetical list until I find something that calls my atention". Eventually, I reach Alien Nine, joke about how Alien 3 got some exponential growth, watch the first episode and regret my actions.

That was fun.

| Not an anime, but you should read Sleepless Domain http://www.sleeplessdomain.com/

| Mangas are also alright (encouraged, even)

| For more suffering, read Nana's Everyday Life. http://manga.clone-army.org/viewer.php?series=nana&page=

| >>527001 Good lord. That's great but where's the m a g i c

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This thread is permanently archived