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What's your favorite JoJo's part?

| And why is it battle tendency?

| Because it has the best balance between epicness, seriousness, fun and story. Everything went downhill since Battle tendency

| Battle Tendency was pretty good overall, but it was incredibly short.
Joseph is a good protagonist, but I hate fights won by luck, and his only decent ally was Stroheim.

| Nigga how the hell did you know it was battle tendency? Anyway, it the was part that got me into JoJo. Joseph's fucking charisma is off the charts and he's still one of my favorite characters of all time.

| The fuck? It's the most boring part. Especially the anime adaption. The adaption was so unnecessarily stretched out and hamon is lame. Steel ball run is the shit. It combines all those battles of wits and an exciting conflict. And by exciting conflict I mean not the Valentine trying to get holy body parts, but the race itself. Sometimes it offers a great relief from stand encounters and sometimes it adds thrill to a desperate situation, rises the stakes.

| >>526242 I'll go read that part sometime, thanks for the rec


| Am I allowed to say it's JoJolion?

| Part 3 because there is Joseph and the fight and atmosphere is just perfect

| Jojo Parts 4 and 5 are really great, but Part 2 is the best one.

And we all know it

| Dead Man's Questions, because ghost eggs.

| >>526441 yes you are, we all know Joubin is best jojo

| >>526242
hamon is just really simple compared to spin, but I still think that the characters in battle tendency are vastly different (and just as interesting) as those in SBR.

| >>526847
what about kakyoin

| I like all of them but I can see why Araki replaced Hamon for Stands in Part 3, there is just so much you can do with it and he really exploited its limits in Part 2 with Joseph, which was fitting for his character.

| Fighting Gold, with lovable and complex main leads great stands and fights with a great story and overarching themes and values also hot boys

| Is this a JoJo reference?

| steel ball run for sure

it's such a huge jump in quality in everything, from storytelling to art to characters. i feel it embodied the wackiness and unpredictability of jojo, while still being grounded and serious enough to get you totally invested. (also, there's way more consistency in how things work/less plot holes so that helps)

tbh the only other part that i really enjoyed was 4. i haven't been sold on 8 yet, so how is it?

| >>347b35
SBR for sure. Araki made a great choice in focusing on two main characters that stay together throughout (most of) the part. The Spin was a great concept and he really fleshed it out. Links and headnods to the old U were also fun to read.

| >>526944 isn't it called Vento Aureo or Golden Wind tho?

| For me it's probably part 4.

| >>527232 Yellow Fart

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