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Suggest Something.

| Horror manga— preferably something a tad similar to Corpse Party? Being depressed and sleeping all day sounds nice, but I'd rather do something with my time other than that, hahaha. Reading seems like an okay idea.

| Similar to CP? I dunno, maybe When they cry? As person who likes CP it's enjoyable.

| Another, Shiki

| >>525655 Shiki is so good tho omf.

| I think deadman wonderland may be something up your alley lolol

| >>525638 almost called FBI on you for CP, and i realize it's not that CP i mean

| dororo

| >>525638 >>525704 dang. Did call the feds on u. Sorry g/u/rl. Just explain the situation. I'm sure they'll be understanding about the whole thing.

| >>525629 ひぐらしのなく頃に usually translated as "When They Cry"

| >>526092 when they cry is so good tho

| Murcielago

| LOL I MEANT CORPSE PARTY AS IN THE RPG/ANIME/MANGA ONE. I didn't know there was another corpse party, so when I looked it up... I. I just wish I could unsee things.

| Duck Cloaca

| Okay, but why.

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This thread is permanently archived