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Who is the best girl in go toubun

| and why is it miku??

| anyone can be best, but obviously not the baka one

| >>524963 bitch, yotsuba the best girl, look at her traits, she is supportive and care for everybody. you retarded or what mate?, she is the perfect fit for fuutarou

| Miku Squad where you at?

| Miku is trash, just like your mom pussy

| >>525409 no u

| >>525706 no your bloodline

| >>525713 cry harder ninofag

| >>525914 nino is shit(and this bitch are going to fall hard on fuutarou). yotsuba or his lil' sis, raiha is what i ship.

| All girls are best girls.

| >>526158

| I like Nino's looks but not her personality up to this point

I really hate Tsunderes I wanna slap them so hard so they get their shit together

| >>526158 Amen to you sir

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This thread is permanently archived