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Religion anime thread

| There's a baptism holiday for orthodox christians on january 19th so i stayed home to maraphon Saint Oniisan and have a good time
Can anybody recommend a good religion-based or -themed themselves? Doesn't have to be a real religion either

| Bible black

| Evangelion

| Boku no Pico

| >>523055

| >>523057 Boku No Chico

| e m e r g e n c e

| >>523111 sometimes it's not okay to do things

| >>523057 >>523170
what do you g/u/rls mean? these are perfectly fine religions.

also i'm sure pretty melt is someone else's religion.

| Ive got something better - read some science books, learn abous space, think for a bit how exactly it dosnt match up with any religion... and get that religion out of your system.

Or dont. Dont think about anything and go watch Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic, based on game with same name. Actually pretty good stuff, i really like to see detailed versions of hell, there is some charm to that.

| Ssss girdman

| >>523253 it's not like I'm a religious person - on the contrary, i generally think of it negatively
But that doesn't mean i can't enjoy a themed title or any other atheist-minded person can't enjoy christmas and/or easter, for example

>>dodos sense upset

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This thread is permanently archived