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Name an old underrated anime title

| You name it i watch right now.
The rules are simple.

| Shigofumi

| Planetes

| Wolf's rain

| Galaxy express 999

| Dragon ball gt

| Un-go

| >>519368 And for the love of God DO NOT watch the dub under any circumstance

| Cowboy bebop, Neon Genesis and Perfect Blue are some of my favourites but they aren't that underrated

| Any giant robot anime ever

| 'giant robot' ugh what a normie > B^]

| Goblin Hunter

| >>1a80be its not even old

| Black lagoon

| Flower of Evil... What? Fuck you

| Heidi

| Ranma 1/2

| Texhnolyze

| Ikkitousen

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This thread is permanently archived