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Who is best girl of zombieland saga

| And why is it yugiri

| Saki tho


| Saki

| Ai-chan is the most beautiful. But Saki-chan is the cutest

| fuck yes another yugiri

| Foolishness, g/u/rl, foolishness - the best girl is obviously Tae

| >>519150
He said girl tho

| The alive one

| Tae.

| onion...

| Lily!!!!!! Lily is best girl

>>519207 The creators already said she IS a girl, so :3

| It's absolutely amazing how rectal-rampaged the /pol/tards and fundies on /a/ and /u/ get when you ever post mentioning that Lily's a girl in a Zombieland thread, they lpse their shit and the jannies delete it or one time even banned for saying she's a girl

It's canon, the creators said so, ain't nothing denial will do about it.

| The one that's a zombie

| >>519365 yeah, it's honestly hilarious how in denial they are.

| Tae-chan, no contest

| Saki all the way

| For real though, Saki is best girl.

| Junko is the only correct answer here.

| >>fe7213
She's got pretty big forehead

| I'm gonna marry a zombie!

| Yugiri is best

| The one that isn't a girl. Okay, not really. Jokes aside, it would have to be the LEGENDARY TAE YAMADA!

| i like glasses-kun

| Saki of course

| Saki gang rise up

| Truck-san is best girl

| >>520259

| Tae Chan is legendary

| I'm surprised by the fact that Sakura-chan is pretty unpopular!

| yugiri god i want her to hug me and comfort me and tell me everything's alright as i cry to her about my problems and fall asleep in her arms afterwards

| >>ab6c26 and then she slaps you

| Yugiri is hot but I'm not a necrophiliac so no thanks

| I don't wanna touch those smelly zombies :akkostare:

| All of them are good girls on their own merit smh

| dorami's last boss of course

| All suck my waifu.

| >>521572 true to that. i think they all fall under best girl

| Saki. End of discussion.

| >>521421

you people are why humanity hasn't progressed into the next age. this sort of prejudice disgusts me. this is the reason we don't have lilim sex slaves yet. i want my dorothy. i want my dorothy. i want my dorothy.

| >>521864 what drugs are you on

| >>521864 With how much you seem to like Dorothy, I guess we can say that you're in a HAZE.

| The best girl is Tae of course.

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