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Favorite 90s anime??

| I love ruroni kenshin, yu yu Hakusho, tenchi muyo etc. They bring back many childhood memories.

| Berserk >>>>> all

| >>518013
Evangelion lol
But Ghost In The Shell, Initial D, Ruroni Kenshin, Cowboy Bebop (classics!), Slayers, Sailor Moon.

| Utena.

| Trigun?

| Birdy

| Sailor Moon forever tbh

| Evangelion and gunbuster

| Jojo

| >>518108 nice

| GTO is superb

| Cowboy Bebop for sure

| Evangelion is my favourite

| Gurls, you are forgetting the gem. Great Teacher Onizuka!

| >>518252 GTO is way better than Great Teacher Onizuka

| >>518368 ROD is good too, it's from 2003 but definitely has a 90s style.
I'll recommend a show... Detective Conan. It's still getting new episodes every week!

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This thread is permanently archived