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Who is the best doki

| From DDLC

| Monika

| >>517004 F-word you

| h a p p y t h o u g h t s

| Monika by far

| You! Your the best!

| yuri!~ <3

| Yuri no doubt

| Natsuki's dad obviously

| They are all shit tier

>penis weeks blunt

| Sans

| All

| MC

| Natsuki

| always ddlc round here, let's talk waifus from some other VN title instead.

| >>517438 goes to show that /a/ has shit taste in waifus

| the only correct answer is sayori

| >>517438 Let's talk about Katawa Shoujo then.
Rin is best girl

| >>517438
inaba meguru is cute

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This thread is permanently archived