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Fill my soul

| Looking for new animes or shows to watch to fill the void. Any suggestions?

| Soul Eater.


| Boku no Picu

| >>515228 looking for any genre in specific g/u/rl?

| >>515286 seconding this.

| Pop Team Epic

| Made in Abyss, Girls Last Tour, Violet Evergarden.

| Why not soul themed anime?

| Angel Beats

| >>515286 second this too, best anime I have seen

| Violet Evergarden, Your Name (Kimi no na wa), Your Lie in April, Anohana, Angel Beats, Clannad will fill the void then violently empty it again.

| I'm gonna go against the grain and NOT recommend Angel Beats. It's rushed, poorly written/emotionally manipulative, and has abrupt tonal shifts.

Clannad, on the other hand, is almost the same, but the pacing is much better, so it avoids those problems and ends up being a great series.

| Little busters best key series

| Cory in the house

| >>516344
>secret_base.mp3 starts playing.
>tears won't stop flowing

| >>516655
Why did this take so many posts

| >>516658 man I watched that show two years ago and that fucking song still brings be to my knees

| Legend of the Galactic Heroes

| Keijo
This will fill your soul completely with butts and well-thought fights until you discover it only has one season

| Black Lagoon is great! It's story is nothing special but it's a brilliant turn your brain off show. It really channels the energy of an old 90s action flick!

| Shojo kareki revue starlight

Pretty good show with good tracks
Its definitely worth a shot
And it isnt all happy happy girly which the name implies

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