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isn't yuri, like, big gay?

| why dya guys like it

| Dude, lesbians are hot

| No, Yaoi however is hotter and even more straight. Just a FYI.

| I only consume the best futa yuri myself.

| >>325e3d this is where it's at

| >>496444 <<<<<

| It has double the boobs and none of the dick. What can be straighter?

| Do lesbians like the big dick?

| >>496444
trips of truth

| *Best gay

| Traps are the best of both worlds. Is there anyone who doesn't think two traps french kissing while pit roasting another trap incredibly hot?

| >>502476 Na man its gotta be futa. They hold the utilities of both a man and women all in one and can go both ways just as good as you could imagine.

| >>502476 I'm not into dick so me

| 2D yuri is pure and adorable
3D yuri is disgusting and forbidden

| I hate yuri!!!!!

| how do I be yuri

| >>510785 to the depths of hell with you!

| >>510797
Step 1: be qt grill
Step 2: find another qt grill
Step 3: have the sex
Step 4: ???
Step 5: profit

| Yuri and yoai are very straight

| Yes he is

| Traps are where the money is at.

| Yuri is the purest form on love

| >>511411 truer words have never been spoken

| True

| >>baa520 fuck you gay big

| yuri is gay yaoi is better

| SHOTA is best gay

| Are two traps yaoi or yuri

| >>512571

| >>512571 dick makes it gay no matter what they say, so it's yaoi imo

| The fuck did you just said about Yuri, OP? Why? He's the first human being who ever visited space or whatever. Be more respectful, jeez.

| Can't tell if you mean Yuri from DDLC, or Yuri in general...

| >>512810
The thread is about Yuri from Red Alert 2,are you s/u/pid or whatever?

| big gay

| big gay

| >>512810 Yuri, like two girls fucking each other's brains out

| >>513064 oh damn are we slapping that ahegao tag on already?!

| >>513064
But why would they want to fuck each other's brains? Like, they have vaginas, are those yuri girls sick?

| >>513106 no no fucking each other's brains *out* not fucking each other's brains, they'll fuck to the point that their brains have left their skulls

| >>513094 always, though good ahegao Yuri is hard to find

| >>513159
Come on, gurl, don't tell me you didn't get my joke...

| >>512810 no one talks about that dead meme gamr anymore

| >>513246 I got it, trying to play off of it but I guess it didn't work :p

| Why fuck when you can taste the sinful forbidden fruit of lewd handholding?

| >>513247
hey, my waifus are not a dead meme

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