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Is goblin slayer an anime worth watching

| as many memes as it has created i've heard some pretty mixed comments about it

| im black!!

| It got really good in the first episodes, but now it's starting to get a little boring.
Discard any comments like 'its too edgy'

| >>496242 the people calling it boring are doing so because it turned down the gore and shock value since ep1 so yeah it's popular with edgelords and thus "edgy"
That said those folks liking it less makes me more likely to give it another go

| Again, what about watching it and deciding by yourself? It's not like reading some random people telling you it's worth makes it actually worth, it can still be boring as fuck to you. So, watch it amd decide by yourself.

| I'd just read the mange, the anime cuts out some stuff

| >>34e91b i am gonna watch it just wanted peoples views on it \_(''/)_/
Heard it was like some edgy dark shit the first episode then became a gay ass slice of life for the nexy few episodes

| >>496253
Shouldn't you read the novel if you care about that?

| >>496244 Edgy isn't a valid criticism.
It's boring because GS isn't doing what he did in the first episode. He's supposed to be the Goblin Slayer, but he gets knocked down when he tries to kill a high level goblin with no strategy.
And the quality decreased a lot. We had CG in the two last fights, which was somewhat tolerable when used for most of GS outside combat animations.

| I have a love-hate relationship with it.
So there's this misterious guy that overkills goblins. Some episodes later he's opening up to new party members and that fucked him up at least twice.
I heard the thing is missi g an ark or two in the anime, but i dunno.
In my eyes, the sudden CG hurts both my eyes and soul, but it's bearable I think.
I suggest you watch at least 3 episodes.

| It has no great story, decent animation and edgy MC. But even though, i somehow wait for every episode. It's still better than 90% commercial shit among the ongoings.
I have a theory why. Edge lords think the title got boring because MC got trashed by high-leveled monsters and that this MC isn't invincible. But this is where the poit is. MC isn't the actual MC in his world, he isn't supposed to slay the demon lord.

| And this is a story about a man Who fights goblins non stop because of his childhood trauma. In the late chapters he becomes more lively visibly because of the good people around him.
This is a simple story, Without mindgames. But story don't need complicity to be good.
This is all about emotions.

| I just wanna see the protaganist suffer and the small blonde getting nearly raped, yet somehow being saved by the orchaborg in a dramatic way

| The only good thing in this series is the hot rape scenes and even then it's toned down significantly from the manga.

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