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Anyone watch anime related to the game the're playing

| So im playing Digimon World: Next Order and because its such a grindy game ive been rewatching all of the digimon anime while playing. I was wondering if any of you guys have done something similar?

| Not sure if it counts, but I got the first 3 Yuu Yuu Hakusho games on Gameboy. I had heard good things about the anime, but I only started watching after I played the games.

| I started playing persona 3 just cause I wanted to see the movies

| It's like me and Bayonetta.

| The Persona 4 anime was fun to watch after I'm done with the game.

On the reverse side, I started playing classic Castlevania after watching the show. Tonally, they fit each other perfectly.

| I just got into devil may cry so I might watch the anime before DMC 5 comes out

| Castlevania and Steins;Gate

| Imagine a VA-11 Hall-A anime

| >>496032 best slice of life ever

| i mean i play metal gear games which are basically anime so... i guess?

| Went on a Gundam binge after playing Gundam Extreme VS, which led to a mecha binge in general, that I hope one day leads to playing through the SRW series and recognizing every single mecha.

| Lain and the game of life

| Ive watched no game no life while working and i have no life, nor time to gsme while working

| Danganronpa?

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This thread is permanently archived