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What should I watch?

| Anything will do (except yaoi)
Yuri, comedy, action, horror, mystery anything basically (except yaoi)

| Watch paint dry.

| >>494034 cant find it anywhere

| Higurashi. 10/10.

| watch the anime of the first song you get from here https://aip.neocities.org/

| Already watched Higurashi. Best anime I've watched tbh.

| FLCL, Megalo Box, Psycho-Pass, Another, Yuyushiki

| Yuri on Ice. Its so full of yuri, its in the name.

| Banana Fish. Very meaningful.

| Ghost Stories dubbed

| >>494000
You got sumtin' against my nigga yaoi?

| No. 6

| Love Stage. Dude tries to reunite with the cute girl he met when he was a kid.

| Zombieland Saga, Rascal does not think of bunny girl senpai, assassination classroom, k-on, Angel Beats, Gamers!, Tsurezure Children, Food Wars, JoJos bizarre adventure , Konosuba and, Toradora

| 5cm Per Second

| Made in abyss

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This thread is permanently archived