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Cowboy Bebop Live Action

| Netflix announced a Cowboy Bebop live action series. They will be getting Shinichiro Watanabe as consultant and first episode is written by Thor: Ragnarok's Chris Yost.

| Someone please tell Netflix to stop making anime live action series. They already ruined death note. I'm sure this one is also going to be a disaster.

| Yea, not even interested... don't bother. If they want to make it an anime, maybe I'll take a look. Seriously though, Cowboy Bebop is gold standard, this is guaranteed fail. Pick up something that was low budget and needs to be re-done. Cyber City Oedo comes to mind. Great premise, great feel, three episodes :(. I would love to have some more of that, even if it was live action, but CB... that's just stupid.

| SAO live action when

| Netflix confirmed it's gonna be 10 episodes.

| Who's the audience for these live action anime adaptions? I can't imagine who would want this

| >>493405 Normies. You don't know how much people liked Death Note AND the adaptation. Even my school got some, they were fucking hyped for that shit.

| >>493405 agreed, no idea.>>493419 Maybe they have heard how incredible these shows were but can't bring themselves to watch cartoons? Like they are jealous of the content but are toonphobic?

| I think if there is any one anime that can be pretty well adapted for a western audience it's probably cowboy bebop, because it's already pretty westernised and does not follow traditional anime/Japanese character tropes I stead they have more American noir characters. Tho I don't think they will be able to make the world look very good despite seeing altered carbon, I think a cowboy bebop adaption would work better as a movie

| >>e412c5 I think that's fine, they could either just focus on the character arcs or just be stylistic one offs

| how could a show about a misfit group of space adventurers ever possibly find an audience?

I'm actually kind of looking forward to it. Maybe it'll be good and show that it CAN be done well

| Im so bummed

Why do they have to do this, they could have rebooted Firefly, or commissioned another 10 eps of anime or a feature anime film

they are going to gut and distort everything that makes Bebop what it is

| I'm scared of the music and special effects.

| >>493612 just ignore it... I was going to get angry, but it's not worth it. Like I said before, Cowboy Bebop is gold standard and nothing will change that. Some mediocre live action schlock will fade away, but the original never will.

| What type of show will Hollywood try and fail to adapt next? I'd bet they'll have another go at DBZ, at the cery least.


| >>494913
Live action samurai champloo *suicide*

| >>66f3bd Strange. I've been rewatching the Death Note anime recently, and it didn't look like anything had been ruined by the live action movie.

| Everyone's acting like it's the end of the world. It's just an adaptation. If it sucks, you're not going to die. It's not going to hurt you. There's nothing to be afraid of. Grow up.

| >>496004 We're just bitching about it on an anonymous anime bartending forum, its not like any if us are actually going to give it the time of day. Get off your high horse ffs.

| >>494913 na they have to go for the sequal of Avatar:The last airbender because we all know how amazing that movie turned out to be

| >>a15cbd Nah, I'll stay on my high horse looking down on you, cunt.

| Seriously. This place is a whinefest.

| >>206db7 So you're gonna keep complaining about how people complain too much? You need to go back.

| >>496004 bad/mediocre adaptation deprive the source material from a better one.

For example: Berserk CGI anime 2016. Almost everyone agrees that it is a terrible adaptation, but hey, just don't watch it, right? Nope, this CGI anime pretty much close the door for an actual good berserk anime adaptation for at least 5 years. Any competent studio/director would look at the 2016 adaptation and shy away from it because:

| 1. The story has been told (even if terribble) by the 2016 anime. Restarting the whole story will be awkward, while continuing from the CGI mess won't be salvagable.
2. The fans will be jaded after the 2016 anime. Some people will goes "this again? Can't wait to see how they mess berserk up this time"

Not to mention (if the cowboy bebop adaptation is indeed terrible), some people will also project the terrible adaptation to the source material.

| Some first timer might go watch the live action because it is new and available. And if they don't loke it, they'll assume that they will also hate the anime.

| >>496154 >>496052 I'm actually bound to my horse physically... and it's pointer than most. Some might call it torture, but I turn the pain into comment pleasure.

| >>496222 we need an anime of this asap

| >>611379 that's actually been confirmed aswell

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