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"I ship X with Y" and the stupidity of a fanbase

| I have no grudge over these "shippers", its just they're making manga series toxic and filling it with degeneracy.

Fuck, man. I just wanna read my manga peacefully.
You don't have to ship two male characters, ITS FUCKIN GAY.

| If there shippers are annoying you then stop following them on social media

| then ignore them
and if you can't for some reason, get over it lol. nothing's stopping you from peacefully reading your manga

| Its hard to ignore the community of your favorite show, its annoying how people ship anything its cringy and i swear all shipper have the fashion glasses half their head faded and wear button ups

| >>490254
Even if I understand your initial problem, I don't understand your argument. Now that it is neutralized we can have a civilized discussion.

| At no point in time does anybody have to participate in a fandom.

| >>490405
>being this triggered

| I ship /a/ with /d/
>civilized discussion
you seem to misunderstand

| >>492204 this is a good ship
>>490405 yea right, snowflake

| >>492048
Yeah, typically anti-sjw bullshit, reserving facts. Because in the first place it was OP beeing triggered by shipping two male characters, remember?
Rather a "snowflake" than a stupid herd-animal feeling save walking with the dumb masses straight to their butcher.

| It's fine my dude,I suppose my only issue is when that then affects or warps the manga in question into fan desires rather than the original intent.

Now that's fuckin gay.

| this is the most stupid thread I've ever seen. you cannot do anything to stop them just because they're shipping male characters and that's "fucking gay".so stop being an ass about it and ignore them.

| >>492253
But didn't you understand OP's argument? "ITS FUCKING GAY" omg

| >>492335 everything is fucking gay

| If your ship isn't gay guys or gay girls you're doing it wrong

| No idea what you are discussing. That is the power of not using social media

| I dislike shipping not for male x male pairings, but for shipping of any kind. I'm not against it, per say, in a limited amount. Its when fans reach the point of critisizing the author for the "wrong ship" and stuff like that that bugs me. ie, I have a friend who refuses to watch UBW or HF because of his pro-Saber ship. If they could keep it to a personal level instead of a "it should be this way" level, Id have no problem with it.

| >>492222 are you that commie gurl from /new/?

| Degenerancies aside, shipping should be nuked. Like why the fuck would you ship anyone beside yourself with your waifu/husbando, kys

| >>493628 because they would be more happy with the person you're shipping them with and we really just want our waifus to be as happy as possible

| >>494951 That's just plain cuckoldry. I belive that my waifu would be just as happy as me if we're together, because she's my interpretation of that character I fell in love with. Not to mention there are retards who sperg horribly when someone ships other characters.

| >Say words like cuckoldry l, retards and sperg
>Think your waifu would even give you the time of day

| >>495001 Like I said, my waifu is my interpretation of that character, and that interpretation loves me.
Cuckoldry is an actual thing, too.

>implying you know my waifu

| >>492360 I wish I was fucking gay, but I'm only regular gay...

| >>7c80c3 Yeah, but anime fans of that level are kinda retarted.
They get all angry an emotional over animated characters not hooking up with certain other anime characters.

| There's nothing necessarily wrong with shipping, there's something inherently wrong with mindless shipping.

| >>495089 I agree with this, just as more than one waifu will ruin your laifu just randomly shipping everyone with everyone else just makes the ships worthless

| >>493616
Are you paranoid/infected with red scare?

| >>496201 they never gave an opinion on communists so you just look dumb for assuming their opinion

| >>496223
If my assumption is wrong, they can clarify it by themselves. You don't know more than me. No one said that assuming things is forbidden. The problem is that certain people have issues with beeing proved wrong. As a pessimist, I'm always glad if my assumptions turn out being wrong. Unfortunately it happens not too often.

| But to contribute to the topic:
- It's totally pointless to complain about peoples fictions about fictional characters.
- "(fucking) Gayness" can't be applied to things. It's semantically nonsense.

| >>496300 baseless assumptions asserted with no evidence can be dismissed with no evidence; they don't need to reply and I gave no indication I know more than you, on the contrary I was making the point you know just as much as I and your comment makes an unnecessary assumption

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