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| Im about to steal some shit
Going to trade it in for something more valuable

The chances I'm caught is probably 80/20, but there's so many ppl in the bldg that i can get away w it given the chance

Should i go on w this? Advice? Tips?

| Dude, this is not the place to post it. Either wait for the guy spamming /u/ to leave, or risk getting yelled at and post it on /tech/

| Or post it on /cyb/ and get the rpers advice

| /tech/ is the new /u/. There's also an English thread that you can use at the top of /u/. Although I don't think you should go through with it, report back to us on what you do. I'm interested to see how this bright idea is going to pan out.

| >>c4c88d Dang sorry fam, if i could move the thread i could. My bad

>>440df7 it'll happen near the end of the year tho, around Dec23 or so

-there's are two periods that everyone has to go out, and the item is left by the owner during then

-there are 3 time gaps in between, since there are multiple people going to and fro the hall, cctv cant keep up

| You gonna fail most probably. You pribably miss some important aspect which'll get you caught

| What is the item?

Wear latex gloves. Even better: wear latex gloves with the owner's fingerprints, add an illegal drug, and then touch *everything*

Then steal the thing and call the popo.

| I'm kinda interested in more details, tbh! Are you just gonna grab it and run? Do you've got some kind of masterplan?

| op is going to jail

| OP here btw

i didnt exactly think so far as to get gloves

And i won't say the item yet
Just know that it's an expensive thing, a rarity in my area even

Not the whole call the popo and wipe drugs thing though

I can't grab and run because everyone has to return to the hall at some point.

The owner usually only uses it after the day's over. Of course, this might not be the cause when go attempt it

All i have to can do is seclude it during one of the time gaps

| >>477065 >>ea10e9

Of course there's a huge chance of failing and getting cucked, tbh ofc theres still that fear of getting caught in the back of my mind

If i do go with it, and if i do get caught in the process, I'll update before i get locked behind bars

| Also holy damn i just realized im on the animemanga thing im sure i posted this in the random

| Is this thing something that you really need for living?...if else you shouldnt steal anythibg

| the post above is incorrect
if you arent stealing everything you see you arent living correctly

| Where do u live OP?

| >>479243 i cant say that for obv reasons

>>479203 ive been considering not doing it at all

Probably the reason why im here is to get a second opinion, idk

>>477667 it certainly is not a need, and honestly im doubting myself if ill push through with this

In the end, the final decision will be made before Christmas. I won't get another chance like this after the fact.

| Let's talk about the really important thing: what's the reason?

| Move everything around the house. Like just move the safe to another room, move a couch cushion to the living room, etc.

Make sure it's not ransacked, just weird. Owner of the item will not notice the missing item for a long time, especially since everything else is still there. They'll think that they haven't found said item yet.

| whose heart are you going to steal for christmas?

| >>479399 idk either, just thought of doing it (and posting it here) on when the deal was offered

>>487922 Probably the Owner. they'll probably lose trust in everyone in the building, which is another reason im second guessing this all

ill just share an update:

It was offered by a person in a different building. It was a "good" thought, but thinking about it now I should be doubting the guy.

Like i said, im supposed to trade in the stolen item for something even more valuable..

| Just complete your thieves guild side quest and move on

| But right now I can tell that what he has isn't what it really is.

The plot thickens? Idk

Im glad i took the time to think this through, because now this is becoming more shady even for me.

Just to make it clear :
I WAS sure I would take up the offer, but now I'm leaning on "probably nah" because of the many holes in both the deal and the target item in question

I CAN steal it and get away smoothly though, that's for fucking sure.

| >>490144 the quest's reward aint worth it lol

| Let's close the thread here, I guess?

The tips from some of you g/u/rls were pretty neat too btw ill take em in mind

tdlr, a Change of Mind, wussed out

| Glad that you dropped the idea. You're a good guy, OP. Some things are just too good to be true.

| Ugh now it's gonna be sitting in your questlog forever

| >>490148 Yo fam I just had an idea for you!
Step 1: tell the 'victim' about the person who wants the item.
Step 2: Figure out a way to pretend to steal the item, and deliver a (or the) fake to the buyer of the stolen item.
Step 3: GPS tracker ;)
Step 4: share the profits and get that MF in JAIL!
Step 5: get a job at the "victim's" office. You've proven yourself very trustworthy and might get paid a bunch more than other employees

For safety: include the police in the planning

| and get killed by yakuza punks in return

| i misspelled:

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