my friend said Rent-a-gf is not an absolute dogshit

| I was and never will watch this flaming garbage of 15yo daydream harem shit. if anyone is unfortunate enough to witness this show, care to express how you feel about it?

| >trying to be elitist
>on an anime subboard of a textboard for the mentally ill
are you aiming for the crown of the queen of the ocean or piss or what's going on here

| >>1012335 you're very deep in the misunderstanding sea if you think I even watch anime in the last 5 year, or portraying myself as an "elitist" I don't give one shit about good or bad anime, I'm not giving it a chance because it's a literal porn plot romance male teen self insert fantasy, and that's just pathetic at best and disgusting at worst. Jesus christ the name is literally rent-gf.
Mentally ill on this side actually have good point from time to time so I'd like to hear it

| idk man, sounds like you hate the premise enough, no one's opinion gonna sway you.

Even in the "porn plot romance male teen self insert fantasy" genre there's good stuff and bad stuff (relatively). Rent-a-gf is one of the better ones. But if you hate the genre entirely just don't watch it.

| >>498ef9 Yea, the people who loves these shit think naked anime girls are funny and their social media is filled with literal hentai.

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