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Romance Reccs?

| Im a big sap for romance animes, but im also super picky. Reccomend me some of your favorites!

| I'm a big fan of Strawberry Panic. It's a 2006 yuri though so it's a toss up whether that's up your alley.

| My little sister can't be this cute

| >>1008259
While admittedly romance isn't the main focus, A Silent Voice is really good.

I loved the romance between Shizuma and Nagisa, but I thought the side romance between Hikari and Amane was kinda lame.

| Adachi and Shimamura is probably my favourite romance. Very nice yuri. I think I'd hold the manga over the anime though.

| >>1008315 Been doing a rewatch lately and am liking both. Though I'm not very fond of any episode involving the rapey villain Spica girls involved in the Hikari plot.

I recall on my first watchthrough I wasn't very fond of the main romance plots and preferred the more slice-of-lifey bits (and preferred Tamao over Shizuma, ha). Still do, honestly, especially the Le Rim antics but am more into the romance now, for better or for worse.

| >>4c9b98 I have seen that! Enjoyed it very much

| Tigerdragon was pretty good

| Shikimori, Tomo-chan, Tokimeki Tonight, Ranma and Urusei Yatsura can technically be considered romance, right?

| white album 2
My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, as I Expected

| Romance was sort of just a side plot but one of my favorite romances is Magic Kaito 1412. In a similar vein but also super old, Mysterious Thief Saint Tail.

If you can look past the low budget, Net-juu no Susume and Hi-Score Girl is romance but with some pretty fun nerdy themes alongside it.

While I can't guarantee any of these might click with you, I personally think they're all worth giving a shot.

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