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best OPs of all time list

| cowboy bebop is no 1 but idk what else to put

| You're my favourite OP :)

| I've liked the OPs of most animes I've watched. The one that's been in my head most lately's the S1 Haruhi OP, which I'm quite fond of. MM Side Story's ED's also running through my mind at times but this is an OP thread.

| Kannazuki no Miko was not a particularly good anime, but the OP was a real banger.

| Strawberry Panic season 1 OP is also awesome.

| >>1008184 On that note, guilty crown has two great OPs

But the one that sticks with me most is the second season of Ghost in the Shell SAC

| Mariaholic, SAO1, All of GuiltyCrown, Letter bee, Fairytail 1 and 10, One piece red, first mob psycho 100, houseki no kuni, AoT 1, Digimon 1, All of Haikyuu, Klk 2, barakamon 1, ajin 1, just because, toradora, that database song, death parade, hidan no aria 2 and pokemon

| >>1008184 Yo wtf what a banger

| Hellsing OP is a huge banger

| >>1008177 >(You)

| Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Op1

| >>1008314 Amen!

| How has Lucky Star's OP not been brought up yet? Great OP, I jam out every time I hear it wwww

| >>1008334 Aw you're right, Out of Touch by Hall & Oates IS a real good one.

On a completely unrelated note there's this other cool song called "Sailor Fuku!" or something that's also pretty great!


| Not an anime but the vn kindred spirits on the roof has an opening song that goes hard for no reason

| The Persona 3, 4 and 5 games have really good anime OPs.

... if those don't count cuz... "videogame" then the Persona 4:The Animation [and also The Golden Animation] have really good OPs :3

| Surprised no one mentioned Black Lagoon yet... Banger OP. I also think Saint Seiya's pegasus fantasy is highly underrated

| OH also the 2002 version of the '78 Lupin III theme. That specific version is peak for me


| >>1008627 I've heard of that one. Is it worth a watch?

| the op 1 of highschool dxdIt's not the best but it's good

| Tatami Galaxy OP1 (personal favorite), Beastars OP1, Erased, all of the Noragami OPs, and all the JoJo's OPs with SFX.

Oh also, its thursday where I am so I must include Lucky Star's opening or else I would be out of touch.

| >>1008742 Good thing you mentioned that before you ran out of time.

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