Games like Elona?

| I really like the concept, but I really don't like that kind of combat. Not sure what that kind of combat is called, but I dunno. Can't get into it.

| You're not going to find Roguelike level of detail in non Roguelikes.

| Try Kenshi and Dwarf Fortress, may be different but they can just as interesting.

| Considering the amount of stuff you have in Elona, you'll have to be more precise about what you want.

| TBH I wanted to pay elona but the controls gave me aids

| Elona is by far one of the simplest roguelikes when it comes to controls. You inly need the numpad and the Z, X and C keys. Most other roguelikes with actual dept make full use of the whole keyboard.

| Elona is largely inspired by ADOM. Although I personally can't stand it, it is one of the big 3 roguelikes. (The other two are Nethack and Angband FYI)

| Thats the old ones. The buh three now are DCSS, CDDAand... Elona?

| Try ToME maybe, it's a bit more modern-ish, even though there are kinda questionable things about it.

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