So how about Apex Legends huh?

| Titanfall it is not but dammit of it isnt fun as hell

| Idunno, feels pretty shitty so far. Often can't find weapons in the beginning and feel like the enemies kill me too quickly. Also dunno where to go and can't even see the enemies most of the time. But I've been told that it's staple for battle royales.

| Having more fun with it than other BR titles. Class-based shooters combined with battle royale works suprisingly well.

| I just can't get myself to play anything EA related, even if it is free.

| Battle Royale + EA

>how many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old gurl!

| need to play it more to get a solid feel for it, but it seems pretty fun so far

hopefully it leads to tianfall 3 eventually

| SJW EA trash

| I think respawn is the least EA like EA studio tbh

| >>528720 doesn't matter, EA fucks up everything it gets to touch, Apex Legends just proved it...

| How does apex legends prove it?

| I hate BR but i loved titanfall 1. Had to give it a shot and i like it a lot. I remember totally accurate battlegrounds, i loved the ragdoll autism it offered but tryhards abused that to make themselves invincible plus the terrible optimization and i never found good gear led me to quit it after 5 games. This game feels good, it feels fair overall, but there some small issues. I got the masstiff but at point blank it was only doing 18 dmg. Hit?? Then itd do 80, then 18 again.

| i feel like i don't want apex legends to succeed purely based on their association with EA. is it actually a good game

| Ugh, Battle Royale is just a flavor-of-the-year meme, and a pretty stale one at that.

| EA has no involvement with the game tho. Besides being on origin. They have no other involvement. Other than the crashing and other small problems. It's seems to be good.

| I wish it will die fast. I give it 3 months. BR is a shitty and overused game genre.

| Should have had Titanfall's running mechanics

| >>529482
I hate that battle royale is being called a genre. It's a gamemode, or at least it should be a gamemode.

Personally I like both PUBG and Fortnite, and Apex seeks decent. I think it's kind of dumb that it's become a genre though.

Like, making a game that's purely battle royale is not a good idea if the game isn't amazing and inventive.

| >>ceaba6 Hate to break it to you but it's not going anywhere any time soon. It's relatively cheaper to develop than other game types, it's popular and story/voice acting is optional.

| Meh, i'm already satisfied with Ring of Elysium, it already has everything i wanted in a BR game

| Okay never mind holy shit i bacjed out for the fact that i needed Origin to play it.
The game is fun. Smoother than Fortnite and very polished.

Voice isn't required since i can just use pings for enemies and for basically everything, even thanking.

| I tried it yesterday, and it was really good.

| To not play the game solely because EA touched it is pretty silly. It's in a good place in it's current state.

It's tough breaking through the entry level and picking up your first kills but it feels solidly optimized, smooth, and fair.

I hesitated on picking it up because I've played all the other BR games. It has everything good from the other competitors plus additions that seem like common sense.. Pings, respawns and classes, which make the game feel fresh from other BRs

| It's so fucking good, but somehow I crash on mid-game sometimes, even that I have a decent spec above the minimum :(

| Fuck yes good

| >>530200 My friend crashes like literally every other game. He's cursed to crash mostly when we're top 2-3 squads it's honestly kinda ridiculous

| Played it some more-

1) Half the guns are useless.

2) Any character that isn't the tank, the medic, or the generic but female soldier is gimmicky and near useless.

3) Your success will be largely dependent on RNG.

4) Its better than the competition but only in technical and gameplay aspects.

Other than that, if you don't like BR, you won't like this game. 10-15 minutes collecting trash- 1-5 minutes of gameplay.

| >>530355
I wouldn't say "largely dependent on RNG". The weapons in this game aren't that bad. You don't need the best loot to beat someone with the best loot. Having the best loot in this game is a lot less important than in something like Fortnite.

| >>530464
I've had a few times when I could only grab some shitty pistol and the enemy got some shotgun or some assault rifle-ish things and just obliterated me almost instantly.

| >>530465
I have killed people with shotguns or assault rifle-ish things with just some shitty pistol. If you rush enemies with just a basic pistol that's not a good idea though.

| >>530505
Contrary to your apparent belief, I'm not some dumb fuck who rushes someone with a shotgun while wielding a shitty pistol. However, when THEY start rushing ME, I can't find good enough ways to disengage in this game since I'll be shot whether I attempt to fight or run away. Maybe unlike you I'm just a shitty player with zero skill, so that's only my problem, who knows.

| >>530510
I'm not saying you're bad at the game, and neither am I saying that I'm good.

If you're put up against a wall by someone who's wielding a shotgun with not a lot to defend yourself with, you'll most likely die. Like, that's completely normal.

But do you wish that every single weapon would be relatively equal in power? Because if that's the case, I don't think BR games are for you.

I recommend games like CS:GO or Rainbow Six Siege if you want something like that.

| >>530539
Nah, what I'm saying is I've been getting the short end of the stick a tad too often for my liking. Maybe it's just bad luck, or maybe this really isn't for me.

| >>530540
Possibly both.


| Apex is honestly really good. If the servers behave.

| Shotguns feel very strong even without any attachments, but there's enough long range combat that they won't totally dominate.

Getting shitty guns off the drop and dying to someone who found good guns is just part of the BR formula. Most pistols are dog ass but the more I'm forced to use guns I don't like, the better I understand how to use them most optimally, which feels rewarding.

| I fear for the future of the game though. It takes close to like 25 levels to unlock 1 new character and progression seems to slow down the higher level you get.

This isn't even counting any of the limited time skins which are almost just as expensive as a legend and look "okay". They're planning to unveil two characters, which means you'll need to be roughly level 200 to get everyone.

Leveling up from 1-30 took me around 24 hours and I'm a good player.

| Of course I'm not a game dev and I'm not certain about how long exactly it takes to level up, but it's great in it's current state. As more characters get added, and a meta begins to form, and characters/weapons need to be balanced I fear for the long term stability for the game.

Tldr enjoy it while it's hot. People are still figuring out how to play it, and everything feels fairly balanced

| I'm enjoying it so far but I hope it gets more optimised because I get dropping into the 50s with a 1070

| >>530958
They'll find a way to fix that. Like, if they add more characters they'll probably speed up the leveling process. Either that, or they'll find some even smarter way around it.

| Its a game that's letting EA off the hook.

Their stocks dropped significantly then they bounced back since apex is doing well.

Its an okay game, it does have underlying SJW tones, but if they try to push politics into gamers faces, it'll most likely blow up in their faces just like it has with other games that have attempted this.

| >>531066

I mean, it's not like Overwatch where the producers, marketing, media, et al pushed the racial/sexual diversity so hard, it ended up making the characters into more racist caricatures than they already were.

Right now it's basically like, tank dude happens to be... uh, asian? Hawaiian? Polynesian? Something like that, soldier chick happens to be black, combat medic chick happens to be black and actually has an accent that reflects it which doesn't sound over dramatized to hell, (CHEERS LOVE, THE CALVALRY IS HERE!) mask dude (dudette?) is unknown but is probably Nordic of some kind because of their constant references to the Allfather etc, Robot dude is a robot, and Wraith is basically a baby Psyker who somehow fell out of the Warhammer universe, probably through a botched trip into the Warp.

I suppose this could all change, but for right now I honestly don't think the skin matters all that much.

| >>531066
The only SJW tones I got from it were Gibraltar being gay and Bloodhound not having a specified gender. Other than that, it seems like it would fit in the Titanfall universe with no problems or SJW stuff. We'll have to wait for new legends and see.

| Wtf are sjw tones?
Also you're on a board for va11 like that's def got more "sjw tones" than a battle royale with a paper thin plot

| >>531176 va11 takes place in a cyberpunk future setting though. If 50 years ago we are shaming gays and now pride parade is a thing; then it makes sense that the game features so much LGBT stuff if it takes place approximately 50 years from now.

Most of the time they also make you get infested at the character first before revealing that they are LGBT/Robot/other stuff stuff.

| While games with sjw tones like Battlefield V goes "Look at our proud female soldier, fighting the World War II with her prosthetic! Look, we put it on the front cover, and if you don't like it, don't buy the game"

If you need more examples, then just look at Marvel, they usually make sure to let you know that a character is a hispanic muslim genderfuild pansexual hero before you flip enough pages.

| I feel too old for it. 30 years old gurl here and my reaction tine are abysmal on it.
I play mobas and RTS games just fine, but I can barely do anything on Apex Legends. And having kids screaming at me on open mic doesnt help...
Man, this is what it feels like to be old...

| >>531380 That's okay though, it's just a skill set you haven't trained or developed I guess. I can't play RTS games for the life of me and I've played FPS games my whole life. The voice chat is painfully bad though. The mic quality is like Counter Strike 1.6 "DOOR STUCK" quality

| >Hey guys, remember Paladins:Battleground?

~fiefs wotan dregs

| The game is pretty good, and I'm enjoying it with my friends. The RNG can be pretty shitty sometimes but that's how BR works. It definitely has issues that need to be worked out, but so far it's not bad, and I normally don't like BR games.

| >>528740 did ya even play it salty boi

| I for one hate the battle royale genre but this does it right, its not kiddish or cartoony but its not realistic either, its comfy, well polished, good to play with friends suprisingly light launcher, and its just an overall banger

| BaTtLe RoYaLe iS a ShItTy GeNrE, then go back to team fortress 2 kid, noones giving it a fair chance cus its a BR

| Calling someone to go back to TF2 a kid, lol.
Also >eu
Why are people so brain dead.

| *EA

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