Nose piercings

| The one where they put a ring through the bottom center part. I just don't get it. Maybe it's because I grew up on a farm and we put those rings on the animals. Maybe it's because they used to do that to slaves to control them.
I just don't think it looks good.
Why do people think it looks good?
There's nothing wrong with nose studs or any of the other nose piercings, just the ring. I just want to shake them and ask them why they chose to look like a cow.
It makes no sense....

| I think those are really cute tbh. I prefer them to other nose piercings.

| I am more of an extreme on this part as I straight up dislike piercings. I hate inconsistencies and random things such as the skin being spotty and so on, feel like most piercings only exist to make it less consistent or to add contrasnt.

| ew

| I think a lot of piercings are pretty cool, but bull nose rings (septum?) and dimple piercings aren't my jam. Usually pretty distracting and I'm not sure why... it just looks off. Oh, upper nose bridge piercings too. The one that sits right between your eyes. Odd shit. But hey, as long as they're comfy with it, fuck what I think.

| cow

| Moo

| Anyway piercing is so 2007. That's old shit.

| i love them theyre so cute. (cows r cute too so i get why u relate them)

| Cowgirls are hot.

| i wish i knew more cowgirls

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