Shilling a very good youtube guy who's in a bad spot

| https://youtube.com/watch?v=OlFgvnhVNzk
This is Artur Rehi. He's a full-time youtuber and served in the Estonian army.

He just bought a house and is on mortgage for it, and just then youtube decided to demonetize him for an 8 year old video. This guy struggles with depression and is one of the kindest persons I know on youtube. You can see him trying to keep his composure on camera.

He has merch: cups, hats and t-shirts at https://artur-rehi.myshopify.com/

Share his channel!

| Apologies to anyone who really doesn't like advertising like this but he really fucking needs it.


| I invite you to share his channel name on the network where you can reach the most people preferably the kind of people that would care about this.

| Channel https://yewtu.be/channel/UC3boa9w_mMa41DJ70sOtRMQ
Please gurls

| This is super, super wholesome and innocent, but, I don't have enough money rm to spend it like that.
You're a really kindhearted g/u/rl though. Be careful out there.


| >>765700
I'm actually taking a job so I can get some money together

| >>765822
I have a job, but last month's paycheck isn't coming until this month's paycheck comes, and I really need that money. I'm sorry.

| >>765833
Looks like you're both in similar situations!

| >>765850
I guess you could say that. I do struggle heavily with depression but try my best to stay composed in front of others, and right now it's very important for me to get my money up as quickly as possible but it's been getting delayed.

| What was the video btw?

| So the guy served in the army, has enough money to buy a house, and I should pity him and give him more money?
What the heck.

| >>766486
From what I understood reading it, well, think of it like someone losing their job. Someone takes up a mortgage and buys a house because they think they're going to have decent income, and then suddenly they have essentially no income. That's not me saying you have to or even should give him money. Just explaining that owning a house does not mean you're doing well financially, since you didn't seem to understand the situation.

| >>766486

No one except the filthy rich ever buys houses outright, and even then, they almost never do. Its financially more practical to take out a mortgage and pay that back.

| A job in the military sure as hell won't pay for one either.

| >>766488 If the guy who lost his job was a trader, rich or not, I wouldn't be sad about it. Living off ads is one of the crappiest ways to earn money, especially considering how it's done on youtube, and thinking it's a stable income isn't really smart either.

>>766514 Good.

| >>766753
Just go kill yourself already

| >>766758 Hmm, salty

| He's in a good spot again

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