Ways to donate to danger/u/

| In the beginning hosting danger/u/ was not a problem. Free domain and free hosting. Everything was fine. But as the months have progressed danger/u/ has been growing bigger and bigger and the expenses started to grow. I have to pay for the domains, hosting, etc.
And the PLN/USD exchange rate isn't small.

(Some of the money will be used for future projects related to /u/!)

So, if you'd want to donate here are some options for you to choose:

| Monthly payments:

https://www.patreon.com/prefetcher - Our patreon! (more rewards coming soon)

| One time payments:

3BhkfnwJhD6dyxdDBHZR1r8QMbEDC9MV9j - our Bitcoin Cash (not Bitcoin!) address

39V8FRNMhAk1pqc6fGPbJJKNEAg5NJ3PWa - Our Bitcoin (not Bitcoin Cash!) address

0x51339fd5a371098b934d82631d7d3732b2c0c49c - Our Ethereum address

| Thank you so much to all the people that have/have been thinking of donating!
This means a lot to me and everyone!

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