Regarding the locked thread in /news/

| The xitter link is the news article. It's how NEXTRA, The largest Eastern European media posts their news.

It shouldn't matter which URL the source comes from as long as it comes from a reputable news organisation, which it did in this case.


| Nexta (pronounced niekh-ta, Belarusian pronunciation: [nʲexta]) is a Belarusian media outlet that is primarily distributed through Telegram and YouTube channels.

| If the maids go down this route you will lock out all news organisation that doesn't utilize mainstream channels to spread their news. They have a website @ https://www.nexta.tv/en/ but decided that using already available platforms was more secure, effective and cheaper than hosting their own.

| Isn't Nexta like a single guy? Lol

| >>972379
You only need to do the absolute bare minimun of reseach to grasp why that's not true.

| To continue the topic, it's a genuine shame when the maid can't do the bare minumum of research before shutting down threads where whe accuses OP of doing the same.

I understand why the new arrivals from the russian troll farm is against these pracises. It's right up their alley, after all.

| Meido here. If we allow Twitter links as sources, how to you propose we quickly discern which links are from reputable news agencies that don't have websites, and which links are someone from Utah who says they own a totally legit news agency (just trust me bro™)?

>it's a genuine shame when the maid can't do the bare minumum of research
Historically, we haven't allowed Twitter links as sources because anyone can make a "source," because g/burg/rls tried making troll threads with Tweets as "sources" and argued that they should be allowed, and because we genuinely don't have the time to screen every source that rolls through /new/.

| Reviving this thread to give you another opportunity to supply feedback and recommendations.

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