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A question about the lolicon rule

| Please don't ban me meidos, onegai!
I'm just curious
Well, here it goes:
Why is there a rule against lolicon stuff if Dorothy (a prominent character of Va11halla) is literally a loli?
I haven't seen anyone lusting for Dorothy getting banned even though it's pretty lolicon area if you get what I mean

| Isn't the character a robo prostitute and acts like a sexually mature adult but has smaller proportions.

It's a bit different then lusting over someone who can't tell the time and has to be in bed by 9.

| >>946596 well, some people say "loli" is more about a bodytype rather than anything else
Also that still counts as a lolibaba, or basically, "an adult loli"

| >>43412f nah, there are ladies out there who are just unfortunately short like that and it would be more of a size kink than lolicon.

For most people, loli is just weeb age play.

| >>946596 >>946630 so... no one shares my opinion? nobody? ok... :,(
Thanks you for being here though I apprecte it

| Wait! I have found important evidence about this topic!
Kiririn, the director of Sukeban Games directly wanted Dorothy to be a loli! Kiririn intended it that way very clearly, as seen in this source:

Also, Dorothy perfectly fits the description of "legal loli" which is this:

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"For example, a legal adult loli is a character that is over 19, but has the appearance of being a minor. Lolis are girls or young women who only look like they may be underage due to their body size and shape."
This is just a "general consensus" description about legal lolis among the weebs. I took it from this weebish wiki page: https://majitora.fandom.com/wiki/Definition_of_a_Loli

So... we can't deny that Dorothy is a loli, right? a legal loli to be specific.

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I just wanted to clarify that she is indeed a loli.
Personally I'm not against Dorothy in any way, I actually love her character! Va11halla wouldn't be the same without her.
I'm just curious about the seemingly contradictive rule against lolicon stuff (2D stuff obviously), since Dorothy is part of the loli culture, and loli culture is a part of Dorothy.

But I guess Dorothy is just a welcomed exception to the rule? That'd be fine with me.

| >>946596
can't tell the time and has to be in bed by 9

| I think kirin tried to be edgy and make a character that visually looks like a loli and then made a real character afterwards. Kinda like click bait except you get good story

Other example green haired girl from one punch man

>>36291f this is why I think most people engage with Loli and there might be sub categorizing for those already invested but generally it's this. Which is why it's a good rule imo.

The real Q is whether if the size diff is just a guise for Loli thoughts

| >>946772 depends, can anyone tell me how severe a ban is and if it's shown when someone in a thread gets banned?
I wanted to the a vacation from this site.

| take*

| >>946591 so we don't get banned off the fuarrking internet. That's why.

| And because there were a couple pedos who made this board their home a couple years ago. They were tough to deal with, so a blanket rule was created and they were banned on site.

| the rule's against posting or talking about illegal stuff, not against loli enjoying.

| >>946849 >>946850
Now that says a lot about the society we live in...

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