More cocks need to be castrated.

| Title.


| Cock respawned.

| It respawned again.

| Damn, no wonder there are no boys here, if they are castrated when sighted

| >>883489 as it should be

| A wild dick appears!

| >>883489 but it makes them so much cuter!

| If he wanna post cocks, he can do it in /d/ or in his own thread. But that cocksucker post his tiny dick in the wrong thread.

| Cock detected.

| Ø

| Dick is still there.

| Maids, why don't you remove dick from the thread?

| Dick needs circumferencing

| Delete that can cock, maid! Save us!

| Maids, WTF!? Why have you abandon me!?

| Ah shut up you whiny furrack

| Cocks Consumed. <3

| >>886504
Thank you, Rose Maid!

| That cock returned! Help!

| "Why did this rogue cocktail appear? Did someone furracking order this?" - sussy baka

| "Hail Hipter"
-Pomu de una familia odd Þomýłæ

| No dicks in thread, feels good!

| Cock in thread!

| I want to consume cocks~

| Dick is there!

| Cock!

| Сидят две бабки во дворе на лавочке, на солнышке греются. Вдруг одна другой говорит:
- Мань, не чувствуешь - падалью завоняло?
- Мань! Маня!!! М-А-Н-Я!!!!

| Cock in thread.

| Dick is still there, can you eliminate it?

| Cock Cleansed.

| Awesome, thanks!

| Another one! Holy…

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