50K cleanup request part A Lot

| /d/
6 fig 8
excite me so i can write materials 7
no motivation to post regularly 10
need tutorial 1

| /burg/
aircom broke down so 20
what should i do today 4

| /tech/
im sad because programming is confusing and nobody in my life told me its important to my line of work/study 3
cybersec or compsci 1

| not 100% sure this is her other than the /d/ threads this time

| Cleared. Left a couple threads that I don't think are the 50k gurl and are otherwise harmless.

| Thanks for your reports!

| ok so dumb question: why do maids clear 50k's posts? like what's wrong with them

| >>859210


| >>859210 I don't know if>>b8e252 is 50k, but this is the kind of attitude she adopts when someone tries to genuinely help her

| epiphany
50k is the schizo part of terrys roaming spirit
it seeks the good coder part

| its like lain but not quite lain

| templainos

| its a dumb shower out-of-shower though but think about eet

| >>859424

It was. They're pretty retarded (perhaps literally) and don't make any effort to conceal themselves. That's partially why any and all posts by them are considered spam. They don't care about anyone else, so why should we care about them?

| >>859434 it's a good theory but 50Kchan hasn't said the N word enough for it to check out

| >>859501 does that mean that 50k did say the N word or not at all?

| >>859520 I don't think at all, but her threads keep getting deleted, so we can't know for sure

| >>859525 was mainly a joke but now I am thinking about it and I don't like the idea

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