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50K gurl is making a lot of threads again

| maybe I should stop interacting with her, it probably leads to more of them
>after everything and anything
>still cant pay 50G
>probably some of the older threads nobody bumped too
>6 fig

| now also on /U/

| Is this really 50k? I thought it was some imposter (sus) trying to spam shitposts. If it really is the same g/burg/rl they’re really off the meds now.

| >>852863 spammer is spammer. I think they are samefagging too

| Nah, that's the 50k gurl. Some previous threads in the past (the few where they weren't begging) had showcased their (literal) mental illness from time to time. There was even one thread where they made vocaroo postings and just sort of had this depressed, broken english vent about their failures to achieve anything. At this point, I'm not even doing this out of malice, more so just to clean up the site.

| At any rate, the threads have been cleaned up. Feel free to continue posting here if I've missed any.

| I missed 50K vocaroo recordings? furrack, what an immense tragedy.

they made one more on /U/ titled ????. thanks for your hard work orange maid <3

| >>852952

You're welcome. <3

| 50k arc is coming to a dark close

| now streaming on /a/:

also spam bot threads

| Who is this enigma that's been getting meidos to ban their threads on site?

| >>853673 some depressed guy who took up spamming as their coping mechanism apparently

| Dammit I'm late, I wanted to seduce and eventually mouthfrick 50k g/burg/rl. Maybe someday I'll frick some sense into her.

| /cyb/
Is probably a 50k thread as well, judging from the title and its content

| i know i know, being half "lawful" or whatever, you are kinda, desecreted too huh.

| Shit, nothing wins again the, divine mess i guess.

| Lol

| Lmao

| jesus this girl is fucked

| /d/
>i wanna give you a story idea
>who wants to read my doujin

| /tech/

| /a/

| although now that I'm paying attention I definitely remember a few that got deleted earlier today. are the reports still useful?

| >>855631

Feel free to continue reporting as you find them. I just terminated the /a/ thread. Thanks!

| 50k is a disease

| /d/
>6 fig first

| >>855692
Can we report the kremlin propaganda puppets in /new/ too or?

| >>855943
>he's mad enough to make posts about it in every single applicable thread

| >>855943 my g/burg/rl in christ, your /new/ posts are equally low quality, full of dogwhistles and bullshit, repetitive, and based in blind hatred of those you never gave a second thought.

| but also shame on me for provoking an argument outside of /new/. I should know there's no way to reply to posters like you constructively by now.

| >>855918 and now on /d/ as well

| >>855918 she desisted on that one lol

| who is 50k?

| >>856116 something as 50 cent but richer

| >>856161 lmao

| >>c48936
...are you OK, dude?

| >>856193 *g/burg/rl

| >>855959
I never waste my time arguing on /new/ lmao. You're seeing charlie in the trees, paranoia-chan.

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