weed shoes cccp drugs alcohol slums pathology

| cigarettes and aggression on the Internet
weed future criminal
I am a hundred times worse ;(I am deranged to the core and I drink every day Well, and my tracksuits are furracking my soykaf next to my ass...
In fact, I'm already a criminal, but not convicted. There were several paragraphs on me, for example, stalking, stalking on the Internet, and I openly admit to possessing and using drugs. Generally and uninteresting character.

| >>825454 And possession of a firearm, a forensic figure
Everyone also remembers how I wished the death of a girl and her child from Ukraine
Of course, you will not present any evidence, your hate furracking born in the sociopathic hateful head will be enough.
Not cigarettes, but cats / moths nicotine. And aggression is then like a bodyguard will give you a hard time. Cool

| I do not take drugs, I do not drink, I have never smoked, I do not do pathology, I do not insult anyone on the net, I used to stalk a woman later "stalking" was directed against bad people, haters entering into other's life (see - psychotic g/burg/rl from Glitch City), Microsoft, etc.) . while you write about me all the time, you write about burying my mother's corpse, wanting some kind of love, look at what you are doing and stop stalking me, in general, give me a break, hater..

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