| test

| failed

| Could >>this work?

| Shiet.
What about >>this. Huh?

| >>825418 how the heck does this work?! xD

| Wait... >>huh >/ nowM

| I will >>not /> give up

| Alright, >>I />> give up

| >>bf9890
if you paste the word "spoiler" instead word "tag" in [tag]some text between tags[/tag], you will take a "hidden" text like this one

| [stroke] test [/stroke]

| [underline] test [/underline]

| >>825499 yeah I know the spoiler one.
I'm just wondering about highlighting just a word. You know... for >Emphasis!
But also continuing writting the same line

| maybe somewhere is manual, tomorrow will try find it



| g/burg/rl

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