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If you want to have /a/ without bots

| Then please make it so that captcha is required there. I don't think they'll move on /cyb/ and others.

| Big brain post

| The bots are kinda funny sometimes. Maybe move anime discussion to /ani/ or something.

| >>818786 I'm sure that thr bots would pick /ani/ as well. They might have them to search for the first thing that shows up after /a.

| Not gonna lie, the captcha is not a bad idea. There used to be captcha here I think, I wonder what happened.

| >>818948 At the level of traffic this app has compared to before captcha was first used, reimplementing it is guaranteed to kill it.

| >>819012 Yeah I literally can't post on other text/image boards because of captcha not cooperating with my network. I support whatever works best for the site though. This place is awesome regardless.

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This thread is permanently archived