Suggestion to automatically delete posts containing coronavirus

| I'm sick of /news/ repeating covid over and over and over. As if it wasn't already fucked to death by literally every other place.

| based

| Well, time to delete your thread then.

| Deleting thread 3..2..1...

| >>806103 >>806104 this isn't /news/ though

| ...0,5...0,4...0,3...

| aaaaany moment now...

| don't

| I suggest to aautomatically delete any thread what is talking about how things should have be moderated
-in statu quo res erant ante bellum

| If you prevent Corona on the site you prevent it in real life.

| The only coronavirus posts we actively delete (but haven't been very common) are obvious propaganda or misinformation, e.g. "durr vaccines are a gubbermint sysop i have a vaccine its called muh immune system" or "5G Bill Gates brainfucks mind raping the normies" etc.

Unironic antivaxxers can furrack right off and die outside a hospital so they don't use up an ICU bed.

| Some people have legitimate or less insanely conspiratorial reasons to avoid the vaccine and that's fine desu. E.g, immunocompromised, waiting for FDA approval (its been approved), following safe practices but knowingly choosing to avoid the vaccine, in spite of the risks/inconveniences avoidance causes, etc.

| I am 5G Bill and I am raping the normies.

| >>806301
Based 10 Gbps rapist.

| >>ca5fa2 based maid.

| >>ca5fa2 Thanks you for your hard work maids!

| >>806339

No problem!

| >>806283 i'm 5G tower of 3rd generation ^^

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