May I ask why did a trans thread get locked and claimed as "obvious bait"?

| I don't understand, I genuinely wanted to see trans people in the thread, then mean people started to appear, and finally a mod locked the thread.

I think I know the rules of danger/burg/, and I don't think I broke any rule.

Did I say something wrong? I just want to understand, I'm not trying to fight the mods, I truly respect them and their time.

| Just let it go? If you're genuine, know that incels/tards will masquerade their "cause" as innocence to further their hateful agenda.

| Nvm I actually read your thread. I'm pretty sure it's 1 guy doing ALL the trolling.

| >>803081 I'm still waiting for a mod that explains to me what happened :c

| This is getting strange... There was a new trans thread made by other g/burg/rl, it was called "Questions for trans people", and it also got locked inmediately.
I ask the mods an explanation, please.
I want to know what's happening here

| Mods?...

| Uhh please.. I ask for an explanation..

| Trans threads posted here are historically for the purpose of bait. There doesn't need to be a trans thread anymore than... any other identity, really. And leaving them open does nothing except to waste a lot of people's time on both sides of the aisle.

| >>803262
This, at best it's kind of pointless, at worst it's absolute aids... so

| >>803262 but we have threads for different identities/likes, for example: "people who like solarpunk themes",
"Russian threads", "People who like lewd games thread", etc.
But you don't lock those threads.
So what's the difference?

Ok, and let's say that I don't make a "trans identity thread", but instead I make a "I like trans girls thread".
Would the latter thread be perfectly acceptable?
Please answer me once again.

| >>803262 one more thing I would like to add, even if "historically" trans threads were made as "bait" that doesn't make it right to lock all trans threads in the present and future.
I made that trans thread with genuine intent to talk with trans people.

| >>731c70
trannies are tiresome
we can talk about political soykaf all day and furracking communism but we have some experience about how that turned out!

it turned out into absolute garbage. i'm sure trannies have something else in their brains than being trannies, or can they literally not talk about anything else?

| You can talk about that literally everywhere else. If I was a maid, I'd delete any political threads.

| >>803317

Yes, but probably in /d/. But I don't see why you feel the need to make such a thread when no one else does. It's just accepted that trans people exist- hell, this site is like 90% LGBT and you don't see anyone, much less triple gay people, making threads reminding people they exist, because its unnecessary.

Historically, the only people who *do* bother are either people trying to start soykaf, since some people here get anally reamed anytime they read "trans," or people who think being trans means they're special, and also want to start soykaf.

Also, the Russians see no need to talk about how slavic they are, they just want to speak in cyrillic and we let them. They also rarely get into asshole fights with each other, even if we need to clean out ascii dicks from time to time. And liking porn games isn't an "identity."


It does, because we decide what is or isn't allowed on this website, not you. And you aren't entitled to a thread on a certain topic just because you say so.

| >>803337

Those threads are only allowed on /news/, but people largely stopped discussing them too because they never went anywhere except to piss off like two or three regulars who butted heads constantly. It got so annoying that they started stalking each other in other boards and carrying over locked thread conversations elsewhere, until it was decreed that they'd be deleted on site instead of moved.

| >>803366 Ok, I think I understand better now, I can get what you mean. Thanks you for your response.

| >>803370

You're welcome. I apologize if that sounded a bit aggressive.

| >>803371 I apologize as well, It was not my intention to sound entitled and aggresive.

| >>803373


| ///close

| Now kiss

| >>803676 I actually would like to kiss a maid 0///0

| >>803697


| We need lock this thread, it's obvious bait

| >>803739

| no sex allowed
-theg gang

| >>803366
Wait wait wait, mods have been cleaning up ascii dicks??

| Free the dick!

| I love sex.

| >>804547

Yes, furrack us. <3

| Remember, kids: Transphobes aren't people, and do not have intrinsic human rights!

| >>805288
Come take em away tranny, unless you 51% yourself first

| I swear when I made that post it wasn't bait. I don't exactly have a trans friend, so I'm not sure if they'd be offended, and they're questions I've had for a while because I'm kinda trying to understand my own, uhh, sexuality? Genderality? But yeah, that, of myself and others, and someone made a thread about trans people and I'm like, why not? I'm an anon gurl here, whoever gets pissed off doesn't affect me.

But anyways, does this mean that discussions of transgenders are banned?

| >>805314 To be honest, if your goal is to be informed, there are proper websites for that. You won't really get any interesting opinion here.

| >>805318 I mean, it's not like I'm doing my research papers or anything, part of it is me just wanting to get into a discussion in a community I frequent. I don't use Reddit or Quora much anyways, and sometimes the replies felt very banal there, so I'd disagree that I wouldn't get good opinions here.

| >>805314 >>805322

You can try asking your question here.


Replace "burg" with the letter between t and v.

| >>805381 At this point I don't feel like asking it here anymore if it's going to cause too much trouble lol. And like I said, it's not something I NEED answers for immediately anyways so I don't want to seem desperate. Besides, the topic is different; it's about someone confused whether they're demi/asexual or just socially inept.

| >>805389
We have tranny PTSD because of the amount of AIDS shitstorms they've organized on this site. So now I tense up even when I read newspeak gender trash...

| >>805431
I thought
was a meme. lmao

| >>805439
And yet the spooky transphobes haunt their every dream. Fuck trannies, glad they're kys'ing themselves so I don't have to do it.

| >>805389 ... uh... you sure you being serious?
I for one would see "demi/asexual or socially inept" and immediately believe you are baiting.

Are you that inept at coming up with titles you don't realize it?

| >>805628 to quote the op in that thread:
"how the furrack do you know whether you are an a/demi-sexual with high libido who likes masturbation or just a poor horny virgin sod who is too undersocialised to really consider having sex with anyone without it being awkward and also falling asleep in the process?"
This is a problem they're genuinely worried about. I'm not going to detail this convo for no reason.

| I are like kicking dead whales down the beach dick every night

| >>804076
theg gang on top!

| I love random arse internet chat forums. <3

| If you want a nice present example of why the thread is removed, go to the "weird kink/dirty thought I keep having" in /d/

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