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Tech support reeee

| Hey if you have computer questions i might be able to help fix them for a small payment of an angry burg.

| How do I debloat Windows 10 and make it possible to not update it

| On w10, how do I force active signal resolution ? whenever I change the resolution mode, it changes the display resolution but not not the active resolution. It get on my nerve, especially when games launch in fullscreen whith a certain resolution, but active signal decided to change to 1024x768.

| How do i fix 20fps in genshin impact and random black screens after latest windows 10 update?

| How do I make my computer... H-Hotter?

| How do I Windows 10?

| How to keep working on outdated web applications without losing both sanity and will to live?

| Did i acccidentally a linux!? I honestly don't knoe, plz halp

| How t

| to

| ??? !

| Strange thread lol

| Anyone knows anything about Borderlands Pre Sequel save file problems?

| >>746702
Well, what's the problem?

| >>746707
If you're still here - i had a problem where it told me that my save was corrupt, then when i tried to load it it froze (loaded forever). I tried so many things like using Gibbed or whatever, maybe if i upload the save you can take a look at it and see what's wrong.

| I have many questions including if the generated save ID or the profile.bin has any impact on the readability of the save.

| Is there really no hope...

| How can i connect to internet? I mean that blue e what i had on desktop, now i clicked on some pokeball

| >>745545 can i have computer gf?

| >>746869 can i have one too ?

| Me too

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This thread is permanently archived