Test (please reply)

| Hello, i don't know how does works internet and i'm novice here.

Does is this way how is this thing works? Please reply me if you can hear me, or if i should fix my microphone

| Reading you loud and clear, delta. Roger.

| >>739369 thank you for confirm.. btw. Do you can see uploaded picture?



| zitang

| Testing

| >>739387 Nope

| >>740500 what will happen or so? :o

| >>740502 burg's been hacked m8.
Check task manager :/

| >>740705 but i don't have money to rent manager :o

| Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

| >>741100 i did, but, i don't think monitor is looking same.. also, where can i find cheapest task manager?

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